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Patient auf dem Mobilizer® Medior

Early mobilization in the intensive care unit

According to the recommendation of the guideline “Positioning therapy and early mobilization for the prophylaxis or therapy of pulmonary dysfunction” of the German Society for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, every patient for whom no exclusion criteria apply should be mobilized twice a day for 20 minutes each, algorithm-supported, within the first 72 h after admission to the ICU.
The aim is to counteract the negative effects of immobility [1], such as neuromuscular and scelletal atrophy, psychological stress, deconditioning of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. An estimated 5% of infected patients become severely ill and often present with respiratory disease with massive oxygenation disturbance leading to respiratory global insufficiency, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) [3].

Foto des Pflegerollstuhl "Gertrud"

Nursing wheelchairs for transport, care and mobilization

Our care wheelchairs Gertrud and Laura are suitable for transport as well as for the care and mobilization of physically impaired persons. Despite their robustness and functionality, the individualization is not lost and brings color into everyday life. Choose from nine different colours and integrate the nursing wheelchair into the appearance of the facility.

The vibration module in practice

In our article, we will go into the mode of operation and the advantages of successful stimulation by the vibration module. First, the patient is verticalized (straightened up). It is recommended to put the patient in a position where the seat inclination is at least 10° forward. A complete standing position is desirable, but not a prerequisite for successful stimulation. The sensory system can also be stimulated while the patient is lying or sitting. Studies show that local increased blood flow (primarily in the sole of the foot and lower leg) is initiated via the deep tissue stimulation. This leads to a stimulation of the musculature and the bone metabolism. Vibration or sound waves hit muscles, tendons and nerves and trigger a tonic vibration reflex (TVR).

Bewegungsablauf des Mobilizers in die vertikale Position


You are the expert in the day-to-day handling of your patients. We provide you with the technology that greatly facilitates your work in mobilizing critically ill patients, including ventilated patients in intensive care units. Take advantage of our expertise and years of experience as a medical technology manufacturing company. We are at your side with a wide range of services.

Der Mobilizer Medior wurde an die Klinik Rothenburg übergeben.

Mediroth donates mobilisation chair

For us as a medical technology company, it is always something special when we hear or read that employees want nothing more than our product. The medical staff at the Rothenburg Clinic put our Medior mobilizer at the top of their wish list. Thanks to a generous donation from the hospital’s supporters’ association, this wish has now been fulfilled.

Foto des Transportrollstuhl Ernst mit einer Belastbarkeit bis 230 kg

Transport wheelchair up to 230 kg

What distinguishes our transport wheelchair Ernst from other transport wheelchairs? Many hospitals and care facilities agree: “Ernst is robust, manoeuvrable, easy to care for and adaptable…. and does not break down”.

Patient auf dem Mobilizer® Medior - gesichert

Early mobilization

The term early mobilisation is used to describe all measures to move and activate patients as early as possible.
Das beginnt nicht erst mit dem Essen an der Bettkante und der Körperpflege am Waschbecken. Oder einfacher ausgedrückt: Jede Maßnahme der aktiven oder passiven Bewegung, die geeignet ist, die Bewegungsfähigkeit zu erhalten.

Im Bereich der Intensivmedizin soll die Frühmobilisierung bereits 72 Stunden* nach Aufnahme auf einer Intensivstation beginnen.
*S2e-Leitlinie – „Lagerungstherapie und Frühmobilisation zur Prophylaxe oder Therapie von pulmonalen Funktionsstörungen“

Therapiebesprechung mit einem Physiotherapeuten

Our field service – professionals in care and early mobilisation

Who doesn’t know them – sales representatives. They know every product detail, the history of each individual component and can tell flowery stories about the benefits of their product. Our sales force can do that too – but they’d much rather demonstrate our products at your site – on the patient!

As a medical technology manufacturing company, we consistently rely on local synergies.

Our in-house development department for mechanical and electronic components works on the continuous further development of our products.

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