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Mobilizer Medior Homecare

At Reha & Medi Hoffmann GmbH, we understand that caring for severely affected family members is an enormous challenge. Daily care can be both physically and emotionally stressful. That’s exactly why we developed Mobilizer Medior HomeCare to help you care for your loved one.
Our wheeled and height-adjustable incline board is perfect for caring for severely affected loved ones. With our device, you can perform standing exercises and make a variety of custom position adjustments to best support your loved one. From horizontal to vertical positions and even sitting and sitting positions – everything is infinitely variable and adjustable by electric motor.
Mobilizer Medior HomeCare is specially designed for patients aged 14 years and older with a body length of 146 to 200 cm. Our height-adjustable footrest allows you to set the device to your loved one’s exact height.

We know that stabilization of the trunk and legs is an important factor in the care of severely affected loved ones. Our device provides perfect stabilization and supports your loved one’s head control and arm function. An upright posture can expand your loved one’s field of vision and improve spatial awareness.

We also understand that caring for severely affected loved ones is an intense and exhausting task. The Mobilizer Medior HomeCare can also be used for therapeutic purposes and to administer nutrition, saving you time and energy.

At Reha & Medi Hoffmann GmbH, we want to help you provide the best possible care for your seriously ill loved one. The Mobilizer Medior HomeCare is the perfect solution to help you do just that. We want to make your life easier and help you create a better quality of life for your loved one.

Description & Purpose

  • The Mobilizer Medior HomeCare is a mobile, height-adjustable inclined limb board and enables standing exercises. To extend the therapeutic benefits are between horizontal and vertical position continuously adjustable intermediate positions, for example, sitting and sitting positions, by means of hand control electromotive in battery operation.

  • The Mobilizer Medior HomeCare is suitable for patients 14 years and older with a body length of 146 to 200 cm and can be adjusted to the required size by means of the height-adjustable footrest.

  • As needed, the Mobilizer Medior HomeCare enables stabilization of the trunk and legs. The individually adjustable positions support the patient’s head control and arm function. The upright body position can expand the patient’s field of vision and improve their spatial awareness. The extensive position adjustment allows the Mobilizer Medior HomeCare to be used for therapeutic purposes and can also be used as part of the administration of nutrition.

  • The Mobilizer Medior HomeCare is also continuously adjustable during treatment between the horizontal and vertical positions, as well as to all intermediate positions. The leg section moves synchronously with the backrest.

  • When the patient is in the supine position, the functional range can be used with all intermediate positions. In prone position, the Mobilizer Medior Homecare may be swiveled exclusively with level lying surface between horizontal and vertical position.

  • The seat/lying surface is mounted on a compact chassis with four swiveling and brakable casters with one, where one caster is additionally fixable in the direction and thus a safe straight running is ensured. The castors are operated by means of central foot control.

  • On both sides of the Mobilizer Medior HomeCare are padded armrests, which raise and lower synchronously with the backrest. Armrests can be swiveled in any position to ensure barrier-free, lateral transfer of the patient in any lying or sitting position. The body contact surfaces are padded and limited with swiveling side bars in the pelvic and leg area, as well as in the upper body area.

  • The foot fixation, leg fixation, pelvic fixation and upper body safety are individually adjustable and padded.

  • The upholstery has a pressure-relieving effect in the seat and back area due to a viscoelastic proportion in the upholstery foam and contributes to pressure ulcer prevention.

  • All upholstery parts and covers are removable without tools, cleanable with standard household cleaning agents, resistant to disinfectants and anti-microbial. The frame is powder-coated against corrosion, can be cleaned with standard household cleaning agents and is disinfectant resistant.

Technical data

Mobilizer Medior HomeCare
Permitted patient weight
250 kg
Lying and sitting height
66 - 89 cm
Standing position
up to 90°
Length of the lying surface
178 - 190 cm
Seat width
57 cm
Seat depth
50 cm
Head-down position
ca. -10°
Impellers, electrically conductive
Ø = 150 mm
Battery data
24V , 4,5 Ah

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Instructions of use

EU Declaration of Conformity

Standing position

Accessories & Equipment Options

Scope of delivery

Accessories included:

  • Belt
  • Pelvic belt
  • Thoracic belt
  • Fixing headrest
  • Side bar in seat area
  • Positioning pad
  • Armrest lock
  • Table with pad
  • 2x battery
  • Cradle and power adapter