Automation of therapy documentation – to the second with exact indication of movements, evaluation and billing.

Rehamate offers simple data synchronisation with the PDMS (patient data management system) and the HIS. The data exchange takes place via the LAN, WLAN or USB interface.

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Efficiency through automation

Automatic recording and display of therapy progress and times.

Digital control

All product functions can be controlled digitally.

More time for therapy services

Relieve physiotherapists of the burden of documentation.

Digital data transmission

Digitale Datenübertragung in das KIS.

For hospitals, documentation costs amount to about 21 percent of the total personnel expenses for doctors and nurses.

Source: Ärztezeitung


Automatic therapy documentation

Automatic recording and display of therapy progress and times. Relief of physiotherapists from the effort of documentation. All product functions can be controlled digitally. Digital data transfer to the HIS.

Product features

  • Therapy data collection and integration into the HIS (Hospital Information System)
    Representation of the course of therapy
    Recording of therapy times
  • Assignment of patients to therapists
  • digital control of all product functions
  • integrated mobilisation instructions and training material
  • digital provision of updates for function extensions

Capture, store and integrate therapy data

  • At the beginning, you select the patient with whom you want to perform the therapy. During the therapy, the angular position of the seat and the backrest are automatically recorded and stored offline.
  • Successful therapy with Mobilizer® Medior can thus be automatically verified. Patient-related therapy progress can be shown in real time on the display, saved and then exported to common storage media in a password-protected file.
  • The individual treatment progress per patient is shown directly on the display as a history and a chronological overview of all therapies is possible.
  • During therapy with Mobilizer® Medior, the duration is automatically recorded and included in the evaluation.
  • For the weight measurement of the patient it is no longer necessary to transfer the patient to an external patient scale before or and after the therapy, because the Mobilizer® Medior has integrated way cells that reflect the patient’s weight.
    An HL7 interface enables direct connection to the electronic patient record.
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