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Products that move

Our products move people – whether in intensive care units, nursing homes or physiotherapy – our Mobilizer and Curalizer are more than therapy chairs – they mobilise, verticalise and transport.

As a medical technology manufacturing company, we consistently rely on local synergies. Both product development and production with an affiliated sewing shop are located at our site in Leipzig.

Productline Mobilizer

Our Mobilizer sets standards in early and initial mobilisation in intensive care units and early neurological rehabilitation. The rule here is:

“As early as possible and as intensive as necessary”

The Mobilizer can be moved from a lying to a sitting to a standing position (verticalisation). Support systems for the legs, pelvis, thorax and head secure the patient in the best possible way. A unique technical feature is the patented length compensation, which serves not only safety but also comfort for the patient. With an optional vibration module, vigilance is promoted and basal stimulation is demonstrably supported. Whether you choose the Medior, Ottfried or Norbert model is a question of the support you need and therefore the functions. Our expert field staff will be happy to support you in the decision-making process.

Der Patient wird durch Gurte in Mobilizer gesichert.
Curalizer® Arne

Productline Curalizer 

Our Curalizer combines optimal functions with the simplest operation. The working heights of the two models Bruno and Arne can be individually adjusted and ensure a back-friendly working posture for the nursing staff.

The compact chassis with convincing driving characteristics also makes transporting obese patients weighing up to 230 kg appear easy. The stand-up function supports the mobilisation of the patients and gives them security.

Product line Care wheelchairs

The nursing wheelchairs Laura (indoor) and Gertrud (outdoor) have been good acquaintances and proven helpers in care facilities and clinics for many years.

Equipped with comfortable padding, they offer comfort for the individual needs of residents and patients and support decubitus prophylaxis.

The stepless tilt adjustment always ensures an optimal sitting posture and helps with active standing up. An optional therapy table completes the equipment.

The cushions of our products are individually manufactured when ordered and can be selected from nine colours. You can choose from lemon, lime, kiwi, orange, red, lavender, azure, delft and anthracite.

Foto des Transportrollstuhl Ernst mit einer Belastbarkeit bis 230 kg

Transport wheelchair product line

The Transport wheelchair Ernst is well padded, easy to push, stable, tough and equipped with puncture-free wheels. 230 kg of patient weight can be transported effortlessly from A to B.

Ernst is a reliable colleague in the patient transport service and a favourite of the nursing staff on the ward.


rehamate – 

the new generation of therapy

Automated documentation of mobilisation with a Mobilizer MEDIOR gives you more time for the patient. All data of a mobilisation treatment are recorded to the second and with exact indication of the movements. This data can be transferred to a hospital information system (HIS) via an integrated HL7 interface.

Many additional functions complete possible billing data and make it easier for users to document them. Furthermore, all technical functions of the Mobilizer MEDIOR can be additionally controlled digitally.

Auswertung der digitalen Datenerfassung mit Rehamate

Efficiency through automation

Automatic recording and display of therapy progress and times.

More time for therapy

Relieve physical therapists of the burden of documentation.

Digital control

All product functions can be controlled digitally.

Digital data transmission

Digital data transfer to the HIS.